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Laura Ojala (she/they)
Laura Ojala (she/they)

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Book review: It’s About Damn Time

Heuristics: If I can concentrate on reading a business book during the great lockdown of 2020, it must be good!

And yes, Arlan Hamilton's unexpected journey (It's About Damn Time, 2020) to venture capitalist, was a catching read. She started with her resourcefulness and practically without any money, and is now investing in high-potential founders who are people of color, women, and/or LGBT.

Arlan writes that she wrote this book for mentoring others like her - the book is for anyone, who wants more than society has allotted for them. Book is also for allies - for those who want to understand how diversity can be our greatest superpower.

And yes, I did get mentoring. And what was great - advice given in the book didn't felt patronising (that is something I find difficult in some self-help books). Arlan's story is about being resourceful and honest and building on top of what you already have. She gives insights into many topics, such as how to handle getting no's, stage fright, importer syndrome, substance abuse, taking care of yourself, and what venture capitalists are looking for when they make their investment decisions.

The book is funny, and also very queer. I felt warm feelings when seeing chapter  "Shane is my homegirl" (Shane is one of the main characters in the iconic TV show The L Word that was aired when I came out from my lesbian closet in the mid-2000s):

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To whom I recommended the book:

  • To someone, who is dreaming of going big and longes for an inspirational read
  • For those, who know their privilege and are maybe little ashamed of that. Book does not shame or blame but gives insights into how that privilege can be used for good.

To read more reviews, check Goodreads.

(I got my copy of the book by participating in a book launch team.)

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