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There’s no simple right or wrong answer for what you should do. Both Java and JavaScript are still around and here to stay. It all depends on what you find most interesting, what you think will help you later down the road, and what skills you need to improve upon the most. All of which can be pretty subjective. Since it sounds like you’ve been very focused for awhile, maybe taking some time to explore a little would be good. Why not try maybe 2-3 days of Java and see how it goes? And then do 2-3 days of JavaScript? Doing a “trial period” can help you figure out which you like best to start with. Or if you already find one more fascinating than the other, just start there. JavaScript libraries are certainly fun to experiment with, for instance!

Hope that helps.


I think Javascript is just a phase (the libraries are really tempting @react). I just think that I might be wasting time on this phase because I don't actually see myself building react apps for anyone. Even if I freelance its going to take a large portion of my time? Oh well I'll see it through anyway. I'm not one to leave project halfway through. And thanks for your advice :)

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