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re: "I am a lawyer and a part of my job is to automate my firm's contracts" Isn't this why we gave them Excel, the most widely used image based progr...

I agree that some professionals are already programming through Excel and Jupyter-like notebooks.

But, apart from seeing people use better tools in a more sophisticated way, I believe basic theory, formal syntax and algorithmic thinking will be a part of the skillset of all future professionals (like formal writing skills or math concepts are now).

I think you're placing the cultural cart before the economic horse here. The reason we haven't professionalized is because there's been no need to - demand for devs far outstrips supply.

That's a good point. Supply-demand is probably a better explanation for the lack of regulation.

This will also be accelerated as soon as we start killing people with badly written code

I wonder if we're running late already. A few political conflicts have already been linked to poorly regulated and thought-out technology.

Look at

Or the multiple data leaks as of late (and the consequences they might have).

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