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Discussion on: Full Stack Developer Vs Other Developers

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Lars Klopstra ⚡

What do you mean with "So simply hiring two people, one for backend, one for the front end is simply a waste of resources, as well time, because, the one needs to sit free, waiting for others to do their task." Front- & back end developers can work together without having to wait for each other to complete their task

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Balvinder Singh Author

Hi Lars,
As I said earlier it's just my view, and I am saying in relevance to a new startup, the very initial stage where like things did not happen that fast, like some API, need to be of data creation, and the UI just need to have a simple form and list display. (not with like finished styling). THe Ui can not be created before like the api functionality is there, and like if still it is created before there is like not much work to do.
From my experience of working in startups (very initial stage), there was like most of the time backend work and not UI as we were just creating screens for like data entry and listing.
So most of the time, we (team of 3 ) used to backend and sometime the UI.
Hope you get my point.