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Discussion on: Rate my resume out of 10.

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Matt Laser

Hey Harsh,

Some thoughts you may find useful. I work in the US and have seen a lot of resumes / interviewed quite a few people out of India:

  • Your resume is concise. This is good. I have interviewed candidates out of India that have had 10+ pages of experience that make it very hard to get a sense of the candidate's strengths.
  • I think more detail into your projects, and elevating their priority would be helpful. The CBD website I just visited tells me 100% more about you than most of the rest of the resume
    • Additionally, I'd list where you worked on those projects (as part of a company, freelance, student, etc.)
  • Don't be overly detailed. Unless required by jobs you're looking for, I would leave off the 88%.
    • Similarly, I think start date (Month / Year) and end date (Month / Year) are sufficient when listing any timelines. I have seen many candidates from India list something like 1.4 years at Job X or 3.10 years experience in Technology Y, which indicates to me that this person is really trying to stretch or overstate limited experience.
  • As others have said, I would remove your picture, or only add it conditionally based on where you are applying. In the US there are laws around employment & discrimination based on Race / Gender / Ethnicity (it is against the law to ask about this during the hiring process). If I was an HR person I would be worried about even accepting a resume with a picture, since it opens me up to potential litigation on the basis of discrimination.
  • List your technologies in order of aptitude. I'd guess you're the best with Javascript, but it's last on your list of languages.

Lastly, as general advice, I'd say you should always tailor your resume to where you're applying. This can mean anything from rearranging bullet points to a complete refactor of the format. With this in mind, I would be careful sending this one when applying for very technical roles or "old school" companies. That said, to a more design focused role or startup, this template could be more appealing as it is. Just something to think about. 😊

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I can really feel it. It feels like I applied for a job under you and you are telling how can I improve this more. Best feeling 😊.
I will DM you the updated one and plz try to review that one too if you'll get any free time.