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Once I've finished building my capstone (primarily the backend), I'm planning on converting it into a full FOSS project. I just sent an email describing it like this:

Right now, I'm building a closed social network for families with a focus on data privacy for my software intensive capstone. Architecture plan is a self-hosted Rails API Backend and PostgreSQL via Heroku Click Build on Github and a React PWA front-end with a login/auth similar to Kiwi IRC's login to point the web client to their backend server. I plan to build a react native app later on with the same principles too.

The end goal is to make the onboarding simple enough for non-technical users (that can follow instructions) to host their own instance of the backend. The core features right now are: a family directory with profiles that list addresses and personal info like allergies, a post -> comment -> commentreply model with a newsfeed, recipies database, and a event manager (that is linked to recipes for potluck type events).

It's also built so, if there is a backend/db admin (the inital user) who is apart of two families (i.e. one of a couple) they can host both families on the same backend/api under two seperate families while being able to CRUD based on polices.

I built this mainly to solve a personal issue I noticed. My extended family sucks at communication and there are about 40 of us that are active in our family but not all are on social media; the email chains are terrible; I'm worried about losing family artifacts like stories/losing (a feature for the next iteration) or recipes (because who beat's grandma's recipes); and now that people are becoming more and more privacy aware/cautious, they're not sharing important stuff (i.e. I have a family member that broke their leg and their grown adult child didn't find out until 9 months ago or another family member that broke both forarms in an accident but didn't want to "be a bother" sending out a mass email).

This was a much longer post than I anticipated, but if this sounds interesting, let me know on here or Twitter (@lassitergregg)! I'm trying to decide on a name for the overall project, right now "Ohana" is the front runner.

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