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Discussion on: Web Development !== Computer Science

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Lautaro Lobo

Yeah well... kill me plis.

I'm a Web Dev studying CS, and I'm kinda... not disappointed or bored... but you know, this may not be it.

Yeah, lots of Math and Logics and yes, it's the study of algorithms but hey, you can apply many things to Web Development, like software architecture, and logical thinking, all the basics of programming help you to understand better what are you coding, and how does it works.

But, let's face it, a Web Dev can skip this. It's not needed knowledge to get the UI Designer job, does it helps? Yeah, sure. But in my case, I'm feeling that it's just not worthy, too much effort to get something... that I actually not looking for.

I wanted to use CS as a catapult to land my first job, with good revenue, and well, make a living. And I'm feeling that it's just too much, too much time on it...