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Discussion on: Hide your API Keys with Netlify Functions

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The server-side element doesn't even have anything to do with Netlify. It's airtable. I mean, I don't see how you aren't getting this (maybe just bad troll?)

"So this fetch request will just call the netlify function and pass the form fields into the server-side function and that server-side function is the one calling the Airtable API."

Stop the try-hard act. You'll never learn anything with that attitude.

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LOL! Now you're truly showing how incompetent you are.

Airtable is only relevant as that's the API he is trying to communicate with from Netlify. And he is trying to make calls to Airtable from Netlify without revealing the API token, considering Netlify sites are run on a CDN and requires the site to be static.

Airtable is his chosen third-party API, it has no relevance to his problem or the article in question; it could be any API. I guess your next advice is fetch the API client key directly from the API right?

Idiot. You are the one that needs to listen, the one with a lot to learn. After all, I'm the one with experience here, you're just the troll throwing out random comments with no context :)