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re: Why my project sucks ? At the end of project VIEW POST


That's usually, in my experience, a lack of realistic goals set at the start of a project. When you were planning this, was there a set of goals you set out to achieve? Were you looking to learn something, to produce something usable with a specific target, or just 'playing around' in order to master new techniques or gain experience?

Don't forget - even if you never use the output of that project, I'm sure you learned something doing it. I've done lots of projects that clients, managers or the environment rejected or somehow it never ended up being used; or that I disliked at the final end because I didn't have enough time to complete it or wasn't given enough time. That's not a bad thing, it's just a learning experience :D


Both the things were right I'm playing with react, and inorder to make all things work i need to learn a whole lot of things,and I've learnt lot of things
But it also gives sense of unsatisfaction cause I could have made it better ...


Now that is just natural. 'I could have made it better' is equivalent to you saying, 'I've learned a lot doing this, and now know more about the task - and would approach things in a different way because I've learned more'.

If you look back at your code, and go, "Yep, that's good..." then there's something wrong with how you've learned from it, or you're not pushing yourself far enough.

This is where having a good test suite in-place, and being able to safely refactor without introducing breaking changes comes in handy. TDD and refactor with your learned changes.

Don't know how , but now i can go to my desk, and do work, all of this is true thanks :)

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