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Discussion on: We're the core maintainers of Storybook, Ask Us Anything!

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Nicholas ―M― • Edited

I remember trying to use storybook in the past, but ran into an issue with installing it because my company's computer has their npm configuration to point to Nexus rather than the public npm repository (I vaguely remember having an issue with how one of the packages were named even after changing a locally scoped npmrc file, but I don't recall if I got to the bottom of what was causing it).

However, I just tried installing it again and now it works ¯\(ツ)/¯ I'm excited to finally get to play around with it, but my lack of experience means I will have to come up with a lame, sort of generic, question on the spot.

What's the one thing you've worked on regarding this tool that you're most proud of? It could be a feature, UI decision, algorithm, anything really!

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Norbert de Langen Ask Me Anything

Hey That's so awesome that it works for you now! If you have any question don't be afraid to jump on our slack and ask for help on our support channel!

I'm proud of the community we've created! I take the time to onboard people unto the project and help them get to know the project.

I've partially responsible for the fact that Storybook now supports more FE frameworks then I can remember off the top of my head. This makes me very happy as well.

I think having a tool like this that's framework-agnostic just makes so much sense!

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Gytis Vinclovas

For me the feature I am proud of is still WIP. It is functionality to display addons in react native app itself instead of depending on the browser. I really hope it kicks of RN part move forward. Since this will allow to more easily use RN Storybook as a UI lib/playground that not only developers but designers/product people can use too.

There more things that need attention in RN Storybook. Better documentation, better ui, story hierarchy, more addons, creating screenshot testing. Also currently RN part of storybook is more or less done without testing, so we have a gap to fill. If more people will be attracted to RN part these things will be implemented a lot faster.

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Daniel Duan Ask Me Anything

I think a big part of why Storybook is so successful is because of community.

I've definitely done more things on the community side of things rather than the coding part. When I joined in on the Storybook efforts, there weren't really anyone to answer questions, verify bug reports, and deal with the sheer amount of GitHub issues that we get. I started answering as many questions as I know the answers to and fixed bugs when appropriate or urgent. It goes a long way to understanding real user problems and also show users that we actually do care.

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My career in Storybook began from adding a hierarchy feature =) I think it was a life-changing moment in my professional growth =D