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The power of containers

Note to the future Me: Look how exited you are to learn new technologies please don't forget that this is what you love about this field.

When I discover the power of containers it was a game changer.

No need to install XAMPP or node or Python in my machine
To get something up and ready for development.

If you work whit microservices for the backend or front end in your projects or need to manage your clusters k9s is a really nice and easy to use, terminal UI to interact whit your clusters

I have small WordPress site in google cloud ,Whit the free micro-vm running in a docker container,i have Traefik as my reverse proxy and load balancer.

The most awesome part is that is really easy to configure to add as many containers that I need or want.

  • Free ssl certificated from Let's Encrypt auto renewable
  • For each service that I spin up.

I was thinking about making a couple video tutorial and teach anyone that wants to get a small blog or small WordPress, Django or node site up.
For free and is really easy.


let me know and I will teach you how.

Here is my small WordPress site
and here is the documentation from traefik.

K9s - Kubernetes CLI To Manage Your Clusters In Style!

Please if you have any question or want to say hi!
Leave a comment or just say hi.

Thank you for reading.

Note for the future me: I hope that you are smiling and proud of me.

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