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Discussion on: My WebDev Notes: How to create a tooltip with HTML and CSS

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Leander Dirkse

Here is an example:

I tried to keep it the same as yours as much as possible.

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Habdul Hazeez Author

Hello, good day to you, and thanks for your patience.

Your technique worked, but it did not pass W3 markup validation service because you used a tooltip attribute in your HTML which works but not allowed at the time of writing (see the image below).

W3 validation error for tooltip attribute

I changed the tooltip attribute to data-tooltip in the HTML, and it passed the validation test because data attributes are allowed on an element like div.

If you can find time, kindly update the fiddle using data-tooltip in your HTML, and update the CSS accordingly.

Let me know when you are done, I'll update the post as soon as possible.

Once again, thanks for your contribution and patience (I still can't believe it's over a month 😱).