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My first and only mobile app (which was based on an idea I had in school and then implemented a basic version in hardware with my friends in college) was Square Tic Tac Toe - not sure if it works fine on newer versions of Android

The idea when it started was simple - instead of same old making a line for Tic Tac Toe, make a square on 4x4 board. Am from ECE background, knew only programming basics and had Java as a subject in school days. Still, I had quit my job and had plenty of time on hand. The result was multiple 1000+ lines of spaghetti monster created over a year of coding, static and global variables all over the place, cannot create two objects of a class without crashing, etc. The game suffered from poor UI/UX and feature creep. Yet, I am proud that I was able to release a working game.

SquareBoard4Medium SquareBoard6Hard

To spice up Tic Tac Toe for higher board size, I introduced varying line sizes and blocking moves:


I tried to rewrite for public release, but lost interest. Only a small part of it is now present on Github - it has computer playing logic for generic NxN Tic Tac Toe board (with line size fixed at N)

For years, I've been wanting to take a shot at it again using Python (as a reason to learn Python GUI modules), who knows I might even take the first step this year.