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Discussion on: Async Redis key mutation notifications in Rails

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leastbad • Edited

You named the use cases!

You could have two monoliths sharing one Redis database. You could be dealing with a microservices setup. It could even just be multiple instances of the same app or dyno talking to a shared Redis instance.

Big picture, I think it's super weird and sad how our community only sees Redis as a glorified memcached upgrade. It has an embedded Lua engine! It can do realtime ML tricks on a video feed. It's outrageously flexible and powerful. It's like buying a PC and then only running WinAmp on it. Sure, music is cool, but...

For example, you could set up a Redis instance to process cryptocurrency data in realtime, or web server logs, or IoT sensor data. I'm pretty sure you could bring in OpenStreetMap data and run a route planner.