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Discussion on: What's your ideal software stack?

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Lee Jarvis Author

Since you asked explicitly "Your ideal stack" as opposed to "the ideal stack," I can answer, as without context there is no ideal stack.

Yep, I agree!

My frontends are not "React Frontends" but "Frontends that use React as the View Layer," which in my mind is a subtle difference with huge implications.

This is an interesting approach, especially in the context of not letting your framework really control the way you want to build something. I like that.

Postgres - It allows me to combine several types of storage techniques in one system, especially allowing me to tackle problems using both JSON storage and Relational storage in the same query. As a bonus, it's fast, scales well, and is well supported.

Couldn't agree more on all of these points. When I start building features I fear might be out of reach for Postgres, it always reminds me just how powerful it is.

Any preferred method of deploying all of this?