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Discussion on: Web Tracking IS GOOD

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Mike Author

Huh? I fail to see how being gay or straight has anything to do with this. The idea that you shouldn't have anything to hide still stands, gay or straight.

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Josh • Edited on

Okay. So if I'm gay in a household where my parents believe being gay is an unforgivable affront to God Almighty, and where I am ashamed of being gay, you suggest I do... what?

Let's go ahead and enumerate some of the repercussions I might face for "feeling like I've got nothing to hide", shan't we? Buckle in, buddy, because it's about to get real 🤡

CW: hate crimes against LGBTQ populations

The point is that just because you, personally, do not experience a problem with shedding all of your privacy, it doesn't mean everyone should feel the same as you; it means you should feel very, incredibly, unabashedly grateful for the position of good fortune within which you've found yourself.

Don't imagine that "It works on my box" means the bug doesn't exist. It just means your box is unaffected.

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Josh • Edited on

But don't take my word for it! Here's a straight white man with nothing to hide, telling you why zero privacy is definitely bad even when you have nothing to hide (spoiler alert: it's because you don't know what might retroactively be declared bad)

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web tracking is stealing, they are stealing my personal information, if I hide something or not is my decision and mine alone, websites don't ask if I want to be tracked they are taking without my consent.

All the rest is irrelevant, I don't want anyone steal my money, is mine, don't try to convince me that is gonna be used well, that I should have extra money for the thieves or that X USD is not that much money; it doesn't matter, it's my money.

And if you shouldn't have nothing to hide (which is absurd, I don't see your address, phone number and financial data in your profile) why not make tracking visible, public, why not asking first?, why not revealing the data collected and their use; who are they selling to and for what.