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Yes! Turns out I could have saved y'all the wall of text and gotten away with a single line.

We're on the exact same page. You like it, and it interests you, so you dive into it when the urge arises. You're not doing it because you have to. You're doing it because you want to.

as a former carpenter, I can agree with that quote, but have one thing to add:

that i do (did) do a lot of work at home, it's just that all of the projects would be at various stages of incomplete.

...kind of like my github profile.

Haha, it may be that the real quote is "Every house but the carpenter's is finished." I never actually heard the whole quote, because no one ever finished it. They would just say "Every house but the carpenter's..." and trail off. Maybe some kind of meta joke too. :)

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