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Discussion on: Pursuing a Software Career via Capital One Developer Academy

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Leira Sánchez Author

wow, 9 weeks! Did you feel that was enough time? What tech stack did you learn?

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To be completely honest it wasn't. The stack we focused on involved Java + Spring Boot + a tiny bit of Angular (very tiny). Tech Connect was also broken up into 2 parts, a 6 week session (mostly Java with a little Spring Boot), then we moved to the overall Software Engineering Program (SEP) orientation + training and finally we came back for 3 more weeks of Tech Connect.

While I understand why they went with Java + Spring Boot (most of the bank's teams used that stack), it would have been nice to learn more about general Web Development, or have an option to learn something different. Plus the final 3 weeks felt wasted because when we got back for part 2, most of us were in the mindset of getting ready to join our teams vs. learning and a final project.