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I'm kind of hoping at least one of these isn't unpopular ...

  • I still haven't seen Entity Framework add value
  • Visual Studio is amazing
  • Too many things depend on node / npm
  • Not everything needs its own cli
  • WPF doesn't (didn't?) get the love it deserves
  • Programming is mostly googling "how do I X in Y"
  • There's a lot of fads without substance and too much time is wasted on them (buzzwords, "we use X now, Y is SOOO last year", ...)
  • Not working at a shiny startup is also cool
  • Software has gotten much better over the years and most software is good and pleasant to use

Not unpopular, at least with me.
I also like VS (best IDE to my mind) and WPF (way better than WinForms were).


I still haven't seen Entity Framework add value

I'd say the same thing about Hibernate/JPA on the java side. If anything, they end up causing more problems than they solve.

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