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Discussion on: Chromium and the browser monoculture problem

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Leonardo Teteo

By the middle of the text I was already thinking what you said about it is not Chrome you are talking about, it is Chromium, which is open source.
I think the best thing about open source is the exchange of ideas, so in my opinion there will be no loss of great ideas if only one codebase dominates. Think about that, if Firefox and Safari engineers came to contribute to Chromium they would be forced to comply with any idea that the other engineers had? No, they would give their ideas and the community as a whole would decide what is the best implementation and after that it is not set in stone, it can be improved afterwards.
In the end it is something that will be come naturally if it happens at all and after people may create a fork of Chromium and so on. That's what open source is about. :)