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Discussion on: All guilty, all responsible

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leob • Edited on

Man that's an incredibly brave post, and in my opinion it belongs 100% on, having observed that is absolutely an empathetic and inclusive community.

I just want to highlight one quote:

"Realize how much privilege you have, and how difficult it is for so many people to just exist in this world"

I am absolutely convinced that this is true, and it is a gross injustice.

It is a known fact that all sorts of "minorities", whether it's people of color, LGBT persons, or women (in many situations) need to be 50% more talented and competent, and have to work twice as hard, just to get the same recognition and remuneration in the work place compared to the proverbial privileged straight white male.

I'm convinced that this is real and pervasive, and it is absolutely WRONG - it is a gross injustice, and we should be aware of it, start calling it out, and start eliminating it.

I know it's not about "numbers" but this post got nearly not enough "likes" as it deserves!

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Damien Cosset Author

Thank you! We have a lot to learn and to do to improve this world.