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re: Well, I think maven should not be in this list.

Hmm I beg to differ, I think Maven is also more complicated than it should be (compared to package managers in other languages like npm, gem, composer and so on).

But maybe that's not entirely Maven's fault, Java's build process is a lot more complex than for the other languages (which largely don't even have a build process), and Maven is of course not just a dependency manager but also a build tool.

Well, Maven is definitely not a simple tool to grasp and use efficiently, but it extremely powerful and versatile while still rather compact and fast. What is even more important, it's one of the most reliable build/dependency management tool in the long run. It's hard to underestimate this property for projects living for many years. Fancy attempts to replace Maven (I'm looking at you, Groovy) do not hold this property, unfortunately, although they somewhat address Maven steep learning curve.

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