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re: For me, Gmail is just fine. :)

Agree 100% !

Switching away from Gmail would arguable cost me a non-trivial amount of time and effort - just think about the various accounts where I've entered my email, I'd have to update it in all those places. That's a big waste of time and effort, to achieve which benefits exactly?

Besides, Gmail (being free, rather than $99 per year) has a number of great features, e.g. powerful search (I also like the system with the labels), integration with Google Drive, etc. Plus it's super reliable, has a straightforward UI, and spam/junk email is virtually non-existent.

So yes, interesting idea, but for me it would be merely a distraction with no tangible benefits, Gmail is already perfect for me.

Maybe it's only worth it if you're on a total privacy crusade, so then you also need to stop using Google for search, start browsing in private/anon mode, stop using Facebook, etc.

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