re: Haha but I sent you the wrong article! That article from Eric Elliot is more a grab bag of ideas and he doesn't do an in-depth comparison of Connec...

P.S. so you think he has a point that Connect still has potential advantages with its "baked in intelligence" to prevent re-renders?

You can do it all on your own, which does defeat the purpose of connect doing it for you. Although, the fixes to get same preformances aren't difficult, and those fixes would make other things in your app more preformant. So there's that.

Unless you're REALLY into getting optimal preformance, I don't think the rerenders you loose out on are going to really slow your app down.

I think if it comes down to improving your rerenders your going to use useMemo anyways.

Right, so if you grasp how it works then without too much difficulty you can obtain virtually the same performance, and you're learning something useful in the process (you'd gain a deeper understanding) ... if I'd ever attempt this stuff then I'd re-read that article first!

Definitely. useMemo is a great hook to learn too. If your into rerender optimization, check out React hook from. It does some pretty cool stuff!

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