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re: I switched Mac→ Windows years ago. Windows has better hardware options, and the OS has much faster innovation & investment. I recommend ever...

What exactly do you mean by "the OS has much faster innovation & investment"?

If ever my Mac hardware needs replacement (hopefully it will last a couple more years) then I'd be tempted to NOT get new Apple hardware but to buy PC hardware instead (desktop or laptop) - but I'd probably skip Windows and put Linux (Ubuntu) on it, with a no-nonsense configuration, just Gnome Classic.

Been there done that, Ubuntu works perfectly.


Good question. My comment refers to Windows 10 feature development for developers and enthusiasts. In the past few years, Windows 10 has received much more frequent OS updates (2x / yr major), Windows Insiders (beta + feedback), hyperv performance improvements (so devs have built-in hypervisor for dev environments), Improved terminal, improved docker support, powershell improvements – and best for last: WSL2

In the last 5 years, MacOS has shipped one dev-focused feature: dark mode. And many dev-hostile features (removing kernel extensions, protected mode, bad hardware)

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