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Discussion on: Writing a .parents() function using Vanilla JS

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leob • Edited

Something like that might even exist already, previously there was something called zepto.js ... it still "exists" but latest version is from 2016 (and nobody uses it anymore I think) ... then there's"jquery-lite" ( which is 5 years old and very limited ... no those 2 aren't going to win the war.

"jQuery Slim" looks better, but still large ... then this one, "Cash":

I think that's what we would be looking for - almost all of the stuff you need and want from jQuery (including "parent()", "closest()", "append()", "on()", "off()", you name it), but the download is 3 to 4 times smaller.

Next question is, does it perform equally well as jQuery ... if it downloads quicker but execution is sluggish then you haven't gained anything.

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Uriel Bitton Author

interesting i'll have a look at these thanks.

But i'm anyways working on enhancing my vanilla js skills so im gonna try to get as good with JS as i am with jquery and i wont even think about the convenience jquery has in a few months :)