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Discussion on: ReactJS: Create Filters Like eCommerce Apps

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leob • Edited on

Yep I'd also call it that, although I must admit that previously I've seen examples that were far worse, much bigger offenders (as in, outright company ads - sometimes not even remotely related to dev or IT) ... however, that was probably when's moderation or spam filtering was not yet as good as it is now, I'm not seeing that kind of thing anymore.

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Piotr Lewandowski

Yeah, it is starting to becoming a pattern: video links on platform that suppose to be knowledge sharing/dev blog publishing platform (at least that's how I always perceived Well, luckily there's always "block" option ;)

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Doesn't bother me too much really, but sometimes (very occasionally) I'll post a comment to call it out ... but probably doesn't really have a policy against this kind of thing, probably they don't care as long as it doesn't get out of hand - if these sort of posts would start to dominate then it would be a different story.