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Discussion on: Why I switched to Vim from Visual Studio Code

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Interesting ...

I'm using 3 different IDEs (Eclipse for Java, Netbeans for PHP, and Webstorm for Javascript), and I use VIM quite often for simple editing tasks (but not as an IDE ... I like VIM a lot, but an IDE it isn't).

Recently I've tried Atom and VSCode with the aim to replace Netbeans and Webstorm (to reduce the number of IDEs from 3 to 2).

Conclusion: I like VSCode a LOT more than Atom ... VSCode looks a lot better, works better, is faster (Atom feels more sluggish). Atom also requires you to install and configure a mountain of plugins for even the simplest things, VSCode is more or less complete 'out of the box'. I think Atom really lost this war.

Funny thing is, for now I'm still hanging on to Netbeans and Webstorm ... old habits are hard to change, and each has little things that I like just a tad better than the equivalent VSCode feature.

I could however see myself switching to VSCode at some point!