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Discussion on: From dev to data scientist - A first post about data science

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Hi, well the good thing is there are many, as in MANY, resources to be found online. You can really learn everything about "data science" on the interwebs.

Over the years I've collected a boatload of links and bookmarks, and I could share some of those if you want.

BUT (here's the disclaimer) I'm not doing anything with it :-) for the time being, and maybe indefinitely, I'm staying in web development, I don't seriously consider 'pivoting' ... my question was more on a hypothetical level ... :-)

Web development doesn't bore me yet and even though I'm also fond of math and all that I'm not prepared and willing to put in a ton of effort to get any good in this (very different) subject area.

I'm still interested but more as a glorified hobby, dabbling with graphs and data on the sidelines. I'm a remote freelancer and my hunch is that it is simply A LOT easier to get "remote" gigs as a web developer than as a 'data scientist', that's one of the reasons why I'm not seriously pursuing it (lol I don't even know Python).

Anyway, maybe going through some "awesome lists" would be a good start? links to lists of links ... ;-)

Just a completely random selection:

Data science is of course an extremely broad subject: visualization, BI (business intelligence), data engineering (ETL and so on), ML/AI ....... I'd argue that saying you're a "data scientist" doesn't even mean that much, you need to figure out what you want to specialize in.

Good luck on your journey!