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Discussion on: A tour of all Elm commands

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leob • Edited on

The interesting thing about the article for me was not so much Imba but the huge performance differences. Those differences do not just impact the end user of the app, but also the developer, because development becomes much more simple.

It's so fast that there's no more need for clever tricks or complicated techniques to optimize speed of your app - even if you just use plain and simple JS arrays and objects and mutate things willy-nilly it's still fast enough. That was really an eye opener for me.

What I notice about ReasonML though is that you aren't hearing a lot about it, it hasn't been able to break out of its tiny niche. It's not become mainstream, far from it.

The problem for all of these JS alternatives (Elm, Imba, ReasonML) is the small community and ecosystem compared to the established incumbent, Javascript.