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Discussion on: The hidden cost of “don’t reinvent the wheel”

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Yes and no.

I don't like it when people pull in a whole node.js package (with all of its own dependencies) when the functionality can be hand written trivially with a few dozen lines of code. I also don't like it when the complete lodash library is pulled in just to have map/filter/reduce and a couple of other utilities which are already available within ES6.

And finally I agree that newer ("evergreen") browsers have come a long way and include a LOT of useful APIs (and much better Javascript engines) which means we often don't need Babel, Webpack, and a host of other 'complicated' stuff. Much more simple, much more lightweight, I'd definitely call that a win-win situation.

But for many projects using React or Vue makes a lot of sense, unless at some point the "native" Web Components spec becomes a viable alternative (it's come a long way but it's probably not quite there yet).