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Discussion on: React vs Vue: Compare and Contrast

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leob • Edited

Vue is more "batteries included", with stuff like Vue Router and Vuex offered "out of the box". This leads to much less debate and discussion about "how to do things" (even quite basic things, that is).

I would argue that this makes Vue (at least for beginners) much more approachable and less intimidating than React, with a smaller learning curve.

In contrast, the React world seems to be dominated way more by discussions about patterns and libraries, all of them with their fans and opponents. The debates surrounding Redux (with all of its variants - "Thunks", "Sagas" and so on), Context, HOCs, Render Props, Hooks etc are never ending.

What React has going for it is of course its dominant market share in terms of jobs, community and ecosystem - apart from that I'm definitely more sympathetic to the Vue approach.

P.S. I saw Svelte mentioned here in a few comments and I think it also absolutely deserves attention!