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Discussion on: What is JAM Stack

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Leo Melo Author

Haha, this is not a response I was expecting I must say. I saw your reply below about "a new VR game" but it seems I can't reply to that so I'm writing it in here.

Unfortunately, I wasn't the one coining the term JAM stack, and I can see why you wouldn't call it a stack per se. In a more traditional or strict way, I think JAM would be more of a paradigm or workflow even.

I believe, and someone more informed could correct me on this, the reason we call it a stack is because normally when we (or at least I) ask people how is their application built in terms of libraries and techniques, I ask "What is your stack?"

In this case, I don't normally want to know if it is hosted on a Windows, Ubuntu or CentOS server or if they are using Apache or nginx, but rather, if it they're using React, Vue, Angular, GraphQL/Apollo, Redux and based on their answer I'd then continue to ask how they manage to bring all of the chosen tools together.

Hope that adds a little bit more of context to why JAM and how it's not really a joke, but a set of practices and/or methods that we should think about when building our applications for the web.