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Discussion on: A Wonderful Ban Command For Your Discord.js Bot

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Léo Walk

Good morning and thank you very much for this great command. I'm from Brazil and a beginner in this incredible world of programming. As a matter of fact, I don't know anything. 😅

That's why I discovered your post, because I was looking for a ban command to add to my Bot. 😏

So far I've only added about three commands that are welcome, the one you shared with me and a third one that whenever I release new videos on my Youtube channel, it shares there on my server dedicated to old games. 😎

I had a bit of difficulty adding your code because I forgot to create a file named ban.js and add it to the commands folder. 😅

Before, I had inserted your command in Bot's root file and when I started it there on Replit site, it gave an error. But it was just removing your command from that file and creating one for it in JS format and inserting it in the Commands folder that it started working again. 🙏

Now it remains to be seen if the command will work. The only thing I added was my server ID, since in one of the final command lines there was a space for that. 😏