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May I :) I'm also in IT before the internet era, I have also known UML, RUP, MDA fashion, then Agile, Scrum and before IT I came from Industry and had known the hype about Quality Revolution. But Deming the Grand Father of Quality was very upset as told by one of his friend I met because it just became Marketing. So what's happening today in Agile is just the same. As for DevOps, automation etc. it's good but far from enough because it tackles the easy part : the downstream whereas the hard part is upstream the connection with Business. Being also on Business side I can say IT is wrong headed when he thinks that complexity lies in their side alone. IT doesn't do much to ease the process for Business People in Big organisations (I'm not talking about startup). Take something like Gherkin for example used by Agile wanabees who try to impose that to a User, no wonder why Business people jerks :) And they've been more agile than IT since long since they had known lean hype before IT so they're laughing when IT comes to tell: oh we have a new revolutionnary way of working ;)

So as Deming says, stop slogan, it's time for Software to become less social hype activities and more engineering activities. The problem with UML is not UML per se , the problem is it's been created by academics who have no real world experiences in the tranche, and by software vendors who don't care much about being really streamlined. That's why I'm working on meta-tools myself because I'm really fed up by this state :)