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Why You Should Get Azure Certified by May 1st

Why Microsoft's deprecation of AZ-100 and AZ-101 poses an exciting opportunity to become Associate Certified in Azure

On May 1st, Microsoft will be deprecating the AZ-100 (Infrastructure and Deployment) and AZ-101 (Integration and Security) certifications for Azure. Currently, to become an Associate Certified Azure Engineer, one must have sat and passed both of these exams.

The deprecation of these certifications is to allow for a new combined certification; AZ-103. This new exam will loosely match the AZ-100, but will incorporate some elements from the outgoing AZ-101. As of May 1st, to become Associate Certified, one is only required to sit and pass AZ-103.

Why is this good news?

Well, if you have the time to study and sit the AZ-100 exam before the 1st May, then you will automatically receive the new AZ-103 when it becomes active. This means that by sitting the current AZ-100, you will automatically be fully associated certified from May onwards.

Conversely, if you sit only the AZ-101 before 1st May, then you will merely receive an AZ-101 badge, nothing more...

Sad Panda

With the current growth in Azure, now is as good a time as any to be taking some time to learn about the second largest Cloud Platform by market share.

I have my exam booked for Thursday. :-)


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