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Side note, the term "Luddite" only has a negative connotation because people interested in pushing new technology for its own sake wanted a boogeyman to point to and make their target audiences averse to the implication that they're anti-technology. Fundamentally, the Luddites were not anti-technology; they were poor workers being displaced by a specific technology that fundamentally changed the way they related to their work and their senses of self. They objected less to the loom's benefit of comparatively incredible production capacity, and more to the loom's extreme social costs of requiring that they relocate their work to centralized factories while making their work (a fundamental part of their identity) much less engaging.

So, in the sense that you are objecting to the indiscriminate application of a shiny technology without consideration for its potentially negative consequences, be proud of being a Luddite. It's smart to think about these things, and it makes consciously deciding to move to the new thing a more responsible decision.


Taking me right back to my GCSE History days and the Industrial Revolution there Mike. Might revise my aversion to being called a Luddite given the context!

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