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Discussion on: Creating proxmox templates with packer

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lethargosapatheia • Edited on

I was able to solve it, actually, up to the point where you have a readily available template with cloud-init ready to read the user-data. Just to give you a head start :)

       "boot_command": [
        "<esc><enter><f6><esc><wait> ",
        "ip={{ user `vm_ip` }}::{{ user `vm_gateway` }}:{{ user `vm_netmask` }}::::{{ user `vm_dns` }} ",
        "autoinstall ds=nocloud-net;s=http://{{ .HTTPIP }}:{{ .HTTPPort }}/ ",
        "--- <enter>"
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This configures autoinstall, which can run cloud-init commands. And will run cloud-init anyway.
These are the variables:

  "variables": {
    "vm_ip": "",
    "vm_netmask": "",
    "vm_gateway": "",
    "vm_dns": "",
    "search_domain:": "domain.internal",
    "dns_server:": "",
    "template_name": "ubuntu-20-04.domain.internal",
    "template_description": "Ubuntu 20.04, generated by packer on {{ isotime }}",
    "playbook": "setup/work.yml",
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Then you can reset cloud-init through ansible (run by packer), for example.

If you want to write an updated article, I'll be happy to help, if you think you need any, of course!