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re: I tend to interleave periods of work with periods of non-work. I took 1.5 years off twice so far, and some shorter periods too. I prefer these mini...

1.5 years off.... That sounds like either life-goals, or what you thought you want, that results in boredom. What did you do for those two 1.5 year periods?


First time: 10 months of travel, then self-education (online courses, books) and some part-time work (couple hours per week) in a non-tech field I was curious about.

Second time: 15 straight months of travel, plus a bit of time to prepare for the trip before and some time to prepare for my move to Thailand after.

what you thought you want, that results in boredom

Only boring people get bored 😉

Haha I'll take note that I'm boring. Enjoy

It was tongue-in-cheek of course, I read that quote somewhere once and whenever I'm about to complain that I'm bored I try to remind myself that it's up to me to change that.

I was being tongue-in-cheek too. I did solve it by going back to work. I just don't think I'd enjoy doing nothing, or not coding most days.

I was coding plenty in the second half, but FOSS.

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