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Discussion on: PYTHON/DJANGO vs REACT/VUE which is better to focus on?

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Lewis kori

hey Bret,

Django is an MVT(Model View Template) framework, and as such, you can use it to create a full-stack app with relative ease given adequate practice. All this while relying on a few languages, primarily, python. HTML and CSS if you are working on theTemplate aspect of django.

I would advise using Django's templating system if you are a beginner.
This is due to a number of reasons:

  1. When starting out you need to grasp the internal mechanics of a framework or language. Working with the entire django feature set without a frontend framework will give you enough transferrable knowledge for when you switch to the separate frontend and backend setup. As well as enhancing your python knowledge.

  2. This is more of point 1, but still, using Vue/react at first might end up confusing you as you'll have a lot of concepts to grasp all at once. These include APIs, API Security, meaning you'll need to learn DRF, javascript, structuring your app into components as these modern Frontend frameworks encourage that setup.

Long story short, try understanding Django without fancy frontend frameworks, then move onto those later. This will also make you versatile and you won't have to rely on a frontend framework for trivial projects.