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Discussion on: Explain Rust like I'm five

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Alex Lohr

What are RUST's strong points?

RUST's strongest point is to annoy developers into writing good code; less strong points are ease of multithreading, security and a very flexible type system

Why and when would I want to use it?

If you need a compiled language and either want to become a better developer or are just masochistic, use RUST as soon as possible

Will I earn lots of money if I invest my time with it?

At the moment, only few employers search for people with RUST experience. So if you want RUST to become your only language, you're probably not going to be rich very soon.

However, in some cases, having RUST in your arsenal might enable you to solve some problems that will be difficult or even impossible in other languages. For example, ripgrep uses some pretty clever optimizations that can be done in RUST without much hassle, but will be a pain to implement in C++ (at least according to the author, Andrew Gallant).

In a startup, this might be the unfair advantage that decides between bankruptcy or success. Don't expect big companies to adopt RUST at the moment, as there are not enough experts on the market yet, so they will more likely look for Java developers.

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