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re: Now? Simple- a secure, lucrative career path. I bought into the “do what you’re passionate about” narrative, to my detriment. I studied Music (BM...

This post really resonates with me as it's a path I have taken myself. I do struggle with "pursuing creativity/pursuing a decent career" argument in my head a lot.

In recent years, I've kept music as a hobby and focused on coding for a career path, and it has worked out better. But like you said, if money was no object, then I probably keep doing music.


My jazz professor in undergrad, when I was struggling between opera and jazz and a career path, told me “do the thing that affords you the most time to do the other thing.” I feel that way about my career now - I can afford to buy nice gear, play gigs without worrying about making money and consequently like music more. Plenty of composers and artists have had day gigs over the years. You and I can do the same thing.

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