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Hello people!

I'm Lidia, getting back to programming after quite a break.

I used to be an Android developer for two years, suffered from a heavy WHAT AM I EVEN DOING HERE kinda syndrome, gave up, focused on my family for a bit, and after some time decided to give programming another chance. This time with JS and React and web development in general.

I made a account to share my WTFs and aha moments, peek at other people's programming journeys and obviously learn about stuff!

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Juan F Gonzalez

Heyyyyy welcome to DEV and into the wonderful (and maybe too big) world of web development.

Definitely share your insights and wtf's here. Keen to read your posts coming from a mobile dev perspective.

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Looking forward to the WTF Posts :D. Have fun. I am also starting with react.

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haha I ask myself the same almost everyday! somehow still going! welcome to Dev (though I literally just started!)

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Bernard Baker

Hello. Welcome back to the world of programming.