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Discussion on: I'm Danny de Vries, Web development lecturer at the Amsterdam University, Ask Me Anything!

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Anna Buianova

Could you answer one more question:
What's the biggest challenge for you as a teacher? Or maybe what was the biggest challenge when you had just started teaching?

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Danny de Vries Ask Me Anything


  • Not every student has the same motivation and eagerness to learn.
  • Coaching is hard, it's not about slides and theory. It's about motivating students and getting them interested in particular topics.
  • Making students realize they are not making assignments and exercises because I want them to and they get a grade but it's theory that is needed for their own career paths.
  • Students shouldn't compare themselves to others in their classroom but compare who they were yesterday. It's hard to make them set their own goals and define their skill level and learning path.
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Anna Buianova

Thanks again!