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Bad example on inheritance. Inheritance describes an IS-A relationship. Obviously a person is not an organization and such an inheritance doesn't make sense. Also "this" refers to the instance of the class not the class itself. Second description implies that changes on this would influence all instances of some class which is not the case.


thanks for contributing.


you are absolutely right...
why I do agree I did use a bad example while trying to stick to the storyline,
I tried to keep it as simple as possible as I did not expect a newbie to understand instances


Keeping instructions is nice but they need to be precise otherwise a newbie could conclude that "this" is some kind of a static variable and that could make learning difficult down the road.

Just edit the "this" part, overall the article is fine.


It sure is a bad example none-the-less, I am working on changing it and still keeping it as simple as possible

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