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One: I can follow along with a tutorial no problem, understand what they're saying, write it all myself (instead of copy/paste) and all makes sense. Go to apply it on my own, either starting with a new project or adding it to something I was already working on - and I get a type of paralysis. Applying it on my own, without someone walking me through it, is regularly a huge hurdle for me. It's almost like my brain just isn't really absorbing it. Or so much of the other code (their styling and html and such) is taken care of that when I mix in the new stuff I don't know how it plays with everything else, because I didn't have to think of that in the walkthrough. I normally work it out and I'm fine, but it often stops me for awhile.

Two: Setting up my own dev environment. This still gets me almost every time, though I'm getting better. When you're learning the language so much is guided and focused on the actual language and on using tools that handle most of the other stuff for you. Which is great, in it's's just hard when you go out on your own to really find a flow that works and lets you see what you're changing as you go.


As for point one exactly how I feel, I go along with tutorials but when it comes to working on my own I hit a brick wall.

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