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Why Imperfect Data Isn't Just Bad, It's Harmful w/ Treeverse's Einat Orr

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Data junkies rejoice, this is the episode for you.

On this week’s episode of Dev Interrupted, Einat Orr, co-founder and CEO of Treeverse, sits down with us to talk about the state of data… where it’s been, where it’s going and why having bad data might be worse than having no data at all.

Einat's path to becoming a CEO is different from many of the folks who come on the podcast. After graduating with a PhD in mathematics, she spent much of her career as a CTO due to her extraordinary technical expertise. But things changed when Einat and her cofounder asked themselves a simple question: if code has Git, why doesn’t data have a “Git-equivalent”?

Their exploration of this question inspired Treeverse. In a technical deepdive, Einat walks Dev Interrupted’s executive producer Conor Bronsdon through the founding story of Treeverse, why data needs its own version of Git, the specifics of data warehouses & data versioning, and what the future of data storage looks like.

Put on your thinking caps and enjoy!

Episode Highlights Include:

  • (1:57) Why Einat fought to be CTO, but ended up a CEO
  • (8:41) Everyone has huge amounts of data, not just internet companies
  • (12:31) The inspiration behind creating “Git” for data
  • (22:37) Data versioning, 3 major categories
  • (29:29) How a PhD in math changed Einat’s management style
  • (37:53) What Einat learned as a speaker at INTERACT 1.0

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Git for data is an interesting concept. Curious to know what others think.