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Discussion on: Making a modal with React and styled-components leveraging dev-tools

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Andrew Bone

This is an interesting take on the model, I would probably say it's not a modal in the traditional sense as you're swapping out the pages content rather than overlaying it (though I would love to see a follow up to this article with your take on that).

I wrote an article about making a reusable modal component a few months ago that covers making an modal that can animate in and out. I've linked it below if you're interested.

Keep posting and keep being awesome.

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Tallan Groberg Author

I took a quick look at your tutorial. There is a lot to be learned about DOM manipulation from that tutorial series.

You are right that this is not a modal in the true sense and I will be making a follow up to this tutorial that shows how to do this without switching out DOM elements.

This article was getting long so I decided to release as it is.

Thanks for the support Andrew.

I’m exited to see check out your tutorials!