Discussion on: Vue's Darkest Day

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Thorsten Lünborg

I can see Nader's point. Beginners might find answers to their questions in places like Stack Overflow where older answers use the current API, and newer answers might use the new API.

Even worse, they might get answers to their own questions, asked with e.g. the new syntax, and someone in favor of the current syntax will reply in that style.

Meaning: In order to make full use of the resources available online, Newcomers have to learn both approaches, and learn to differentiate between them.

That could of course be a pain in the ass.

But I also agree that it wouldn't be as painful as AngluarJS -> Angular since most examples would at least be translatable 1:1 from one version to the other, as we still have the same lifecycle methods, computed etc, just written differently, whereas Angular completely replaces the core logic of what a component is and does.

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Wayne Smallman

Bumping into answers written in multiple syntax styles is difficult enough as it is without throwing different versions of the API into the mix, but these problems are an unavoidable consequence of growth, and perhaps something StackOverflow should look to mitigate against rather than having it make developers too tentative.

It should be possible for StackOverflow to do API inferences based on the tags, titles, and the code samples — but this is a tangential consideration.