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Discussion on: 9 Must Watch Movies for Programmers in 2020 🎬

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I saw War Games when it came out. I know I shouldn't be bothered by lack of attention to detail in movies but, hey, attention to detail is how we types live.

My college roommate and I actually owned the Cermetek modem used in the film. Hey, 1200 bps was living in the fast lane when everyone else was stuck at 300 - and "only" $600 in mid-1980s dollars. Anyway, they had all the switches set wrong. I guess randomly flipping them up and down was more "cinematic".

And the scene where he hacks a payphone with a pull-tab he finds on the road?? Removable pull-tabs on cans had been replace a decade or so before movie came out because of litter issues and the fact that people kept dropping them in the can then accidentally swallowing them.

Unfortunately those and other sins dampened my enthusiasm for the movie.